28. ožujka 2011.

Structures and space

Izložba studentskih radova Studija arhitekture TU GRAZ
Otvaranje izložbe četvrtak, 31.03.2011. u 18.30 sati
GAF, izložbeni prostor - prizemlje

GAF, Auditorium / četvrtak 31.03.2011. u 19 sati

Riegler Riewe - Mission Statement

“Our architecture is not an architecture of “built images” but creates structures
which are open and precise at the same time: frameworks for the complex flow
of images of utilization.”

Since its foundation in 1987 the office Riegler Riewe Architects‘ approach has always
been focused rather on the process than on the product - led by the belief that well-
conceived and usable architectural concepts that are limited to the essential facilitate
an economic and unobtrusive realization. Riegler Riewe are particularly interested in
the confrontations and interrelations of a sociocultural approach to architectural and
urban planning issues. For Riegler Riewe, in this experimental field, architectural-
conceptual strategies definitely have priority over formal considerations.

In their effort to incorporate sophisticated architectural design with innovative
technical concepts, Riegler Riewe understand the process of designing a building as
an interdisciplinary task bringing together leading specialists in their respective fields
for reaching a high degree of sustainability as well as cost efficiency.

As a consequence Riegler Riewe’s projects do not only recieve national and
international attention for their design but moreover prove to be highly effective and
efficient in every aspect of everyday use.

Riegler Riewe architects have gained a very high reputation not only in Austria
but also in many other countries as well. As a result of this, Riegler Riewe architects
have been invited to competitions in Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
Their work has been shown in Austria, USA, Germany, England, France,
Switzerland, Argentine, Spain, Poland and Japan. Florian Riegler and Roger Riewe
have lectured in Europe, USA, Canada, Argentine, Korea and Japan.
Riegler Riewe architects are working at present on large - scale public buildings
as well as on projects been developed by private clients. Most of the projects been
worked on at the moment are competitions which have been won in the past.
Most of the projects which have been realized by Riegler Riewe architects
have received major national and international architectural awards.

Riegler Riewe architects pty. ltd.
Prof. Arch. DI Florian Riegler
Prof. Arch. DI Roger Riewe
Griesgasse 10
A - 8020 Graz / Austria

tel: ++43 (0) 316 72 32 53
fax: ++43 (0) 316 72 32 53 4
e-mail: office@rieglerriewe.co.at

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