16. veljače 2009.

Video: Amale Andraos & Dan Wood / Work AC

Work Architecture Company by Archdaily from david basulto on Vimeo.

shapes ideas - inspired by difference and applying research, programmatic expansion and a surrealist’s eye to translate concepts into new forms and experiences. We engage the world - with unprejudiced curiosity - to find within experience the grounds for meaningful practice.

We embrace humor as a critical tool, allowing us to enter complex conditions with precision and insight. Our work strives to make 1 plus 1 equal 3, strategically shuffling given contexts, conditions and programs to reveal narratives and carve added public value.

WORKac is an urban practice, for now is the time to re-address the city at all scales, building transdisciplinary networks of philosophers, scientists, artists, farmers… to better confront structures of power, create alternative universes and produce work that resonates with the contemporary condition.

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